I am a developer, founder of a few companies, a beginning road cyclist, stepper/stroller with my frat brothers (at least I was back in the day), and a dancehall music enthusiast.

kocodude is my alter-mutant-techie-superhero ego… okay that's a bit much… it's really just the inner genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist in me...


For the past couple years I've been an iOS Ninja with a knack for helping teams to work more efficiently. I've helped lead some cool efforts as well. Currently, I'm focused on building a great consumption experience for Medium.


I was born on a somewhat interesting day. I keep pretty crazy hours and don't often get more than ~4 hours of sleep. Thursday is my favorite day of the week and 5:38pm is my favorite time of the day.


Right now I'm taking a three pronged approach to life: building, meeting and learning. I'm focused on building great products and companies. Really trying to find and meet great people to help me with that first goal and point me in good directions for the next one. I want to continue learning pretty much anything and everything. How to do things better and faster… better yet, how to learn better and faster. I recognize the power of experience and I'm trying to squeeze every drop of value out of all of mine.


No higher powers have shared the memo with me yet. I hope I'm going to continue using technology to change not only people's lives, but how we live as well. At the end of my journey, I'd love to have a couple things I can say "I did that" about (and have more than just techies nodding in recognition).